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The Throwback List


"Witty and fiercely relatable. Lily Anderson writes about what it's like to realize you're totally failing at this adulting thing and how it makes you turn to that one, special, friend who always knew you best. A fun, funny, and surprisingly emotional look at how friendship evolves but always endures."
—Sarah Watson, author of Most Likely and creator of The Bold Type

The drama queen. The overachiever. The one who’s got it all figured out. And the blast from the past that brings them all together. Do you ever really leave behind who you used to be?

Welcome to Sandy Point, Oregon: a sleepy beach town that's home to a giant anchor statue, a sometimes-karaoke-bar, and Frosty's questionably legendary Sunday Sundae Surprise. A town Jo Freeman, Autumn Kelly, and Bianca Boria-Birdy thought they'd left far behind when they graduated, finally moving on to greener pastures than the midway point for tourists heading to the Goonies house. Now the three have their own lives, careers, and plans for the future. But life seldom goes according to plan.

So when Jo leaves her Silicon Valley life only to find an old bucket list in her childhood bedroom, it sets the three women on a path that brings them closer to one another with each task. And it just might lead to a life none of them could have ever expected.

Perfect for fans of Sweet Magnolias, Gilmore Girls, and The Bold Type, The Throwback List explores second-chance friendships in a novel filled with humor and heart.


By Lily Anderson

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