About Us

Picture of the Moore Family
Hello! We are the Moore Family: Lee, Morgan, and the kids. Here's our story: Lee and Morgan met while Lee was still in the Army. They dated long distance, fell in love (ew), and got married 2 years later. Fast forward a decade (and then some) and we've got three amazing and strong willed children. Between the military, college, and careers, we've moved around a lot. So when we moved back to Texas, we decided this was it for awhile. We've always talked about opening a bookstore, but would then laugh it off because there's no way we could ever do that. However, given the last couple years, COVID, and loss of loved ones, we decided life was too short to talk ourselves out of living out our dreams. Enter: Pantego Books. In January of 2022, Morgan approached Lee about opening a bookstore. Once Lee picked his jaw up off the floor, we got to work. We filed for our business with the state of Texas on February 14, 2022, and began doing the local farmers markets and a really cool author event. The response was UNREAL, so our long-term goal of opening a brick and mortar location became a much shorter one. On October 8, 2022, we opened our doors and invited the community to come browse our shelves. That day will be a core memory until the very end. This entire experience has been incredible, and we honestly can't believe we actually did it. We appreciate our customers and your support more than we can express! As an indie bookstore, you're an integral part of our success - so seriously, thank you. Anyway, that's us in a nutshell.