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The Science of Light : Things that Shine, Flash, and Glow


This glow-in-the dark jellyfish invites you to find light all around, in this foundational science book for young children.

An Orbis Pictus Honor Book

Sun shines.
Stars twinkle.
Aurora borealis glimmers.

Dramatic paintings of lightning, fire, fireworks and more introduces the sources of light—both natural and manmade—and encourage children to look around and observe. Kids will gasp in surprise at the beautiful glow-in-the-dark cover. Margaret Peot's distinctive art style captures the elusive nature of light. Bioluminescent squid, fireflies and phytoplankton reveal light sources in living things. Fireworks and light bubbles sparkle on the page. 

This foundational science book will kindle curiosity in physical science and the natural world. The simple text makes science accessible to all ages. Toddlers will delight in the colorful art at storytime. As they grow, kids will return to this nonfiction favorite and discover new ideas each time. Science vocabulary and definitions are included in the back of the book.


By Margaret Peot


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