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The Recess Genius 1: Open for Business


Introducing the playground problem solver who uses quick thinking, practicality, tenacity, love of reading, and a little creative perspective to help her schoolmates out of their stickiest jams; From the author of Help Wanted: Must Love Books and the illustrator of Hello World!

Regina Grey’s never had much of a knack for anything, apart from disappearing into her books. She muddles her math, splutters her spelling, and gets jumbled up in gym.

Until the day she off-handedly solves a classmate’s brother troubles. Soon, rumor spreads across the playground of the pint-sized crisis manager who makes her office at the top of the jungle gym. She can solve any problem. Itchy cast? Here's a stick to get to the spot. Gum stuck in your hair? Snip, snip solved. It’s like she’s a genius—a recess genius.

But all that problem solving for other kids doesn’t leave much time for escaping in her books. Can the Recess Genius use her magical power to solve her own dilemma?

By Janet Sumner Johnson, Stacy Ebert (Illustrated by)
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