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The Call of the Wild (Mint Editions (Grand Adventures))


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Buck, a loving and docile St. Bernard mix becomes forcibly changed when he is nabbed from his home in sunny California and sold into service as an Alaskan sled dog.

Forced to endure the harsh climate of the Yukon backcountry, Buck becomes progressively more savage in an effort to stay alive among the other dogs in the pack. Relying on primal instincts, Buck emerges as an intimidating and fearless leader in the wild.

Jack London's most famous tale is a stark reminder of how important it is to trust one's instincts. Though examined through the eyes of a dog, The Call of The Wild is a tale far greater than that of a life lived on four paws. London's intention is clear: When faced with dire and inhumane conditions, there is nothing left to do but revert to a wild state fight to stay alive.

With a new note about the author, and a cleanly typeset manuscript, this edition of London's poignant tale resonates just as profoundly as when it was originally published in 1903. A new film adaptation of this novel starring Harrison Ford and Omar Sy released in 2020.


By London, Jack (Author)