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Stolen Heir


The second book in Amazon bestselling author Sophie Lark's red-hot dark romance series, Brutal Birthright, is a fresh twist on Beauty and the Beast where the most vicious gangster in Chicago kidnaps the daughter of the family who killed his adoptive father.

Love is the one thing you can’t steal.

Nessa Griffin leads a lonely life. Too compassionate and gentle for the underworld business she grew up in, she fills no role in her family’s mafia empire, struggling to prove herself both at home and in her highly competitive ballet corps.

Mikolaj Wilk is the most vicious gangster in Chicago, and he’s hellbent on revenge. His adoptive father saved him from the streets of Warsaw only to die at the hands of the Griffins.

As part of his vengeance, Mikolaj abducts Nessa, holding her captive in his moldering gothic mansion. She might not deserve to pay for her family’s crimes, but in this world, the wolves eat the lambs no matter how gentle and innocent they may be.

But even as Mikolaj plots the destruction of everything the Griffins hold dear, he finds himself fixated on his captive, wanting this ballerina to dance only for him. Meanwhile, Nessa finds herself lost in the growing tension between her and her kidnapper, their twisted relationship building in new, terrifying ways.

He is the beast to her beauty—but can Nessa find the man inside before he gives into his hunger?

Content warnings: self harm, suicidal ideation, kidnapping, violence, murder, sexual assault, death of a parent.


By Sophie Lark
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