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Social-Emotional Learning for Autistic Kids : Fun Activities to Manage Big Feelings and Make Friends (For Ages 5-10)


Empower your child to express themselves, handle big emotions, and make friends—with this fun, neurodiversity-affirming activity book for autistic kids ages 5 to 10.

There are many ways for kids to develop their social-emotional learning—and it doesn’t have to be on the playground or in an unfamiliar place. This activity book for autistic kids provides your child with a safe space to learn and practice everything from coping with big emotions to taking turns and learning to compromise. Written by experienced therapist Emily Mori, MS, LCPC, CAS, Social-Emotional Learning for Autistic Kids helps kids develop fulfilling relationships and feel more confident in the world around them. Through 50 engaging activities, tips for adapting the activities, and advice for how parents and caregivers can be supportive, your child will gain the social and emotional skills—and confidence—they need for healthy self-esteem and a rich social life.

Inside Social-Emotional Learning for Autistic Kids, you’ll find:

  • 50 fun and creative activities. Research shows that creative expression helps to relieve stress and anxiety and helps kids communicate more openly. Through art, music, storytelling, and role-playing, your child will learn how to better navigate life’s ups and downs.
  • Real-life scenarios and skill-building, from practicing cool-down techniques and naming their feelings to learning how to hold and respect boundaries, make and maintain friendships, and speak up for themselves.
  • Tips to adapt and extend activities. Tailor activities to your child’s individual needs and abilities, and continue to support your child's social-emotional learning at home.
  • A neurodiversity-affirming approach. Written by a certified autism specialist who empowers kids to embrace their unique strengths and needs.
By Emily Mori, MS, LCPC, CAS, Victoria Stebleva (Illustrated by)
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