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So When Are You Having Kids: The Definitive Guide for Those Who Aren't Sure If, When, or How They Want to Become Parents


As we expand our understanding of what "family" means, we need to change the way we think about having kids.

How much does it cost to have kids? How long can I wait? What if I have fertility issues? And, wait a minute... do I even want kids? If you're unsure whether you want kids or struggling to decide, this book is for you.

So When Are You Having Kids? is not your parents' parenting book, nor is it a how-to for getting pregnant. It's a nonjudgmental, inclusive guidebook for women, men, gender-nonconforming people, same-sex couples, and prospective single parents who want to make an informed decision regarding if and how they bring children into the world. Combining research with over 100 compelling real-life stories, the resources in this book are as diverse as the generations they're meant to serve.

With deep insight and empathy, Davidson explores:

- Ways to cope with familial and societal pressure to have children
- What makes a good parent, and the skills you need to be one
- The facts about infertility, adoption, fostering, and alternative methods of becoming a parent
- The real financial costs of having and raising kids
- How to move past fears related to pregnancy and childbirth
- The ethics and consequences of having kids in the face of climate change
- And, what it means to choose a child-free life for those who are unsure whether they want kids

So When Are You Having Kids? is a much-needed resource for family planning in the modern world, packed with the knowledge and tools you need to make one of the most important decisions--if not the most important decision--of your life.


By Davidson, Jordan (Author)

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