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Short & Sweet

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In the fourth adventure of the Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast series, our delectable rhyming friends face a transformation of epic proportions—perfect for fans of The Food Group series.
Lady Pancake is aching and Sir French Toast's looking pale. Could they be going…STALE? Maybe a visit to Professor Biscotti's lab for her despoiling procedure will help. But instead of beautifying them, Biscotti accidentally transforms the two treats into toddlers! 
The pint-size breakfast foods scamper off on an adventure in the fridge, visiting everywhere from the Bran Canyon to Limes Square. Will Baron von Waffle and Professor Biscotti figure out a way to turn them back into a grown Lady and Sir? Or will they stay short & sweet forever?
Praise for the Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast Series:
“[R]eaders will giggle their way through this refrigerated fantasyland.”—Publishers Weekly
“A must purchase.”—School Library Journal, starred review
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By Josh Funk, Brendan Kearney (Illustrated by)