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Whispering Pines: Reckoning


In this thrilling addition to the Whispering Pines middle grade series that's Stranger Things meets The X-Files, Rae and Caden venture into the monstrous Other Place to rescue their captured friends and save their town.

 Eyeless horrors. Giant, flesh-eating bugs. Despite everything Whispering Pines has thrown at her, Rae has never given up searching for her missing father. But when she discovers a surprising connection between his disappearance and Green On!, the shady alternative energy company that runs her town, she'll be forced to confront a monster more dangerous than anything she's ever faced before.

 Meanwhile, now that Caden's vindictive older brother is gone, it's up to him to uphold the family business and ensure that the evil in the Other Place never breaks free. But when a mangled body is discovered in his backyard, he realizes that he can't protect Whispering Pines from the monstrous creatures of the Other Place--because they're already here.

 The only way for both Caden and Rae to save the people of Whispering Pines is to embark on a mission deep into the heart of the Other Place. There, Caden will have to come to terms with the truth of his family's legacy and learn how to harness his full power.

 If he fails, all the horrors of the Other Place will descend on Whispering Pines, and that's a threat that the town--and the world--cannot survive.


By Heidi Land and Kati Bartkowski

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