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Peppa Pig and the Day at the Farm

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Can mud ever be too much of a good thing? Peppa Pig and her pals have a blast exploring the animals, plants, and machinery on a farm in this quintessential adventure.

There may not be a “dine-saw” on Mrs. Badger’s farm, as Peppa’s little brother George hopes, but there’s so much else to see and do! Friends Danny Dog, Pedro Pony, and Suzy Sheep are visiting the farm as well, and everyone is so excited. There are chickens to feed, baby chicks to hold, guinea pigs and ducks to visit, and baskets ready to fill with strawberries ripe for the tasting. But best of all is a ride in a wagon—pulled by Mrs. Badger's tractor! It can cut hay, pull a baler, and even drive through the mud. What a handy thing to have around when Mummy and Daddy Pig take a shortcut through a field to avoid traffic! Every child will find something to love in this classic tale of a day at the farm.


By Candlewick Press