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Our Hideous Progeny : A Novel


Historical fiction with a dark twist in the spirit of Circe, Ariadne, and Mexican Gothic, Our Hideous Progeny is a brilliant revisiting of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein that unfolds with a fresh, provocative, queer twist.

It’s 1853 London, and former medical student Victor Frankenstein has been missing for years. Inspired by his brilliance and daring, his great niece Mary Saville and her husband, Henry, are determined to follow in Victor’s scientific footsteps. Both are intelligent and determined, yet they lack the reputation necessary to be recognized among the British Empire’s most renowned paleontologists. Though Mary is admired for her sharp mind, her fierce tongue and Henry’s gambling addiction hinder endorsement by their peers.

But after uncovering clues to her great uncle’s disappearance, Mary devises a plan to realize her ambitions. Like Victor Frankenstein did long ago, she and Henry will create life. No one will be able to ignore their achievement—the scientific community must accept them if they succeed.

When they construct their Creature, Henry’s ambition soars, yet Mary finds herself contemplating disturbing questions—and unexpected feelings—she cannot ignore. As Henry’s desire for fame grows, Mary must decide how far she will go to protect this Creature—the hideous progeny—she has grown to love.


By C.E. McGill
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