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Not Your Ex's Hexes


In April Asher's new Supernatural Singles novel, a witch, freed from her constricting responsibilities, tries to find her place in the world—which might just be with a broody half-demon.

Rose Maxwell spent her whole life preparing to be the next Prima on the Supernatural Council. But now that she’s stepped down, it’s time for this witch to figure out who she is and start fresh. Rose is trying to focus on herself, and not think about her impulsive one-night stand with Damian Adams, a half-Demon Veterinarian who she can’t get out of her head. Neither of them is looking for a relationship. When a misunderstanding requires Rose to complete community service hours at Damian’s animal sanctuary it becomes impossible for them to ignore their attraction to each other. A friends-with-benefits, no feelings, no strings arrangement works perfectly for them both.

After Rose stumbles her way into a supernatural bounty hunting situation, Damian finds himself back on the periphery of a world he thought he left behind. Damian doesn’t approve of Rose becoming a Hunter, but if there's one thing he's learned about the stubborn witch, it was telling her not to do something was one sure-fire way to make sure she did it. There was only one other option—training her himself and hoping she changed her mind. But seeing Rose succeed awakens feelings Damian never knew he had...and shouldn't have. Because thanks to his ex's hex, he is unable to fall in love. If he does, he'll not only lose his heart—but his humanity.


By April Asher

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