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Most Hated : a novel

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In the merciless world of reality TV, three women try to change their lives, but end up with far more than they bargained for. Zoe wants nothing more than to get ahead. She’s a producer on the hot docu-soap, Talk of the Town, and all her time and energy is focused on making it the best show ever. The most dramatic. The most interesting. The most addictive. The highest rated.

Dahlia Irvine knows two things for sure: this show’s her chance to have a career all her own and her NFL-hottie husband is totally and completely in love with her. Except when the cameras start rolling, everything she knew for sure it is no longer certain and the more she tries to fix what's wrong with her love and her life the worse it gets.

On the outside Sabrina, whose nickname is “The Countess of Controversy”, had it all. Gorgeous husband. Beautiful family. A title. But when her life comes crashing down around her, her cousin Budgie convinces her to join the show. Together they'll turn things around... except the pressure of the show, the pressure of her ex, and the pressure of her own expectations almost ruin her life all over again.

For the women working behind and in front of the camera on Talk of the Town, one of them will inevitably end up as the “most hated.” It's all in the name of great entertainment, but when real life blends with reality television no one comes out unscathed. 

By Kara Alloway