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Pantego Books

Monster Baker

By Laura Lavoie, Vanessa Morales (Illustrated by)

In this punny picture book with bright and colorful illustrations an adorable monster learns about determination after a series of baking disasters, perfect for fans of Marigold Bakes a Cake.

Tomorrow is Grandmonster's 247th birthday, and Tillie has a boo-rilliant idea. She's going to bake a birthday cake! But when Uncle Hairy gobbles up Tillie's near-Pierrefect Squirmin' Chocolate Cake, she rushes to bake another.
And another.
And another.
Baking on her own isn't easy, and Tillie makes many mistakes, learning that with a little patience, care, and determination, she can do just about anything. After all, like star chef Pierre du Monstère says, "A baker always rises to the occasion!"

Monster Baker includes a recipe of Tillie's favorite cookies: Chocolate Cherry Scaries!

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