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Mid/South Sonnets


Mid/South Sonnets brings together sixty-six poets with ties throughout the American South. From Oklahoma to Florida-with larger clusters of work from the more centrally located Mid-Southern states, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee-the states represented through these writers offer a wide range of landscapes and perspectives that speak to the region's eclectic nature. While this anthology includes many conventional and experimental approaches to the sonnet form, each poem ultimately enacts an attempt to struggle through the anxieties of home in the hope of finding a place to love and belong.


Rasha Abdulhadi

Brandon Amico

JC Andrews

Susan April

Stacey Balkun

makalani bandele

Anna Lena Phillips Bell

Andrea Blancas Beltran

Ellie Black

Darrell Bourque

Wendy Taylor Carlisle

Justin Carter

Michelle Castleberry

George David Clark

Adam Clay

Christian J. Collier

Dorsey Craft

Brody Parrish Craig

Hannah Dow

George Drew

CD Eskilson

Ann Fisher-Wirth

Beth Gordon

Maggie Graber

David Greenspan

Andrew Hemmert

Raye Hendrix

Maggie Rue Hess

Faylita Hicks

Erin Hoover

Randall Horton

SG Huerta

T. R. Hummer

Jules Jacob

Bethany Jarmul

Grant Matthew Jenkins

Edison Jennings

Ashley M. Jones

Carol Parris Krauss

T. K. Lee

Steven Leyva

Aurielle Marie

Landon McGee

Benjamin Morris

Caleb Nolen

mónica teresa ortiz

Alison Pelegrin

Samuel Prestridge

Suzanne Underwood Rhodes

Celeste Schueler

Gerry Sloan

Cody Smith

Tom Snarsky

Nathan Spoon

colin james sturdevant

Hiba Tahir

Nikki Ummel

Damien Uriah

Clara Bush Vadala

John Vanderslice

Cassandra Whitaker

Jim Whiteside

Marcus Wicker

Matthew Wimberley

Marianne Worthington

Jianqing Zheng


By C. T. Salazar (Editor) Casie Dodd (Editor)

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