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Major Jake Fortina and the Tier One Threat


At the behest of rogue Iranian government officials, two terrorists break into the grave of an American veterans cemetery in the Suresnes suburb of Paris. What they take from that grave could lead to the deaths of millions of Israeli and US citizens, as well as Jews around the world. US Army Major Jake Fortina, a military attaché stationed at the US Embassy in Paris, is called upon by the FBI and French and Italian law enforcement and intelligence officials to help defeat Iran's nefarious plan. Beginning in Paris, this international drama leads readers from Afghanistan to England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, and the United States in the scramble to save the world from a terror unknown since the deadly Spanish flu outbreak of 1918.

All of the author's revenues through July 31, 2023, from the hardcover, paperback and Kindle versions of the book will be donated, evenly divided between the Wounded Warrior Project ( and the FBI Agents Association (


By Ralph R. “Rick” Steinke 

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