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Jumanji 30th Anniversary Edition


The game under the tree looked like a hundred others Peters and Judy had at home. But they were bored and restless and, looking for something interesting to do, thought they'd give Jumanji a try. Little did they know when they unfolded its ordinary-looking playing board that they were about to be plunged into the most exciting and bizare adventure of their lives.

In his second book for children, Chris Van Allsburg again explores the ever-shifting line between fantasy and reality with this story about a game that comes startingly to life.
His marvelous drawings beautifully convey a mix of the everyday and the extraordinary, as a quiet house is taken over by an exotic jungle.

Thirty years ago, Peter and Judy first found the game—Jumanjiwith the instructions that once the game is started, it must be finished or it will go on forever—and thirty years ago, with this same wonderment, readers found Jumanji, too.

Since its original publication, Jumanji has been honored with many awards, including the Caldecott Medal and the National Book Award, and in 1996, the surreal story was adapted to fit the big screen. 

This special anniversary edition of Jumanji contains a downloadable audiobook of  the renowned actor Robin Williams reading the timeless tale, as well as a redeemable code for a brand-new Jumanji app commemorating the book’s three decades of astounding success.


By Chris Van Allsburg

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