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The dog days are over when one pup breaks free from his home to become an independent, Lone Wolf!

Humans don't realize the stresses of pet life.
Working hard to meet every command.
Trying to be a good boy, the best boy.
It's exhausting . . . humiliating, even!

"Gourley balances playful humor with touching moments, packing this tiny story with big emotions. . . . Big laughs, however, will be most frequent with Hogan's bright and cheery art depicting the grumpy narrator in several silly costumes, doing his business, and trying to scratch himself while wearing the cone of shame. Adult-directed jokes (a blur censoring the dog's body when he removes his collar) and puns ("I loved my dog bod") make this a read-aloud story fun for all." -Shelf Awareness

"The tone and elevated vocabulary, as well as the art, may speak to older, even adult readers, but younger ones will certainly be reminded of their own gleeful temporary breaks for freedom as toddlers." -Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

"Simpatico collaborators Gourley and Hogan (Poe and Lars) match deadpan, world-weary narration with images of finely tuned comic misery and disdain in this volume--particularly a series of illustrations depicting the many costumes the dog has had to endure." -Publishers Weekly

Sick of the pressures of pet life-the costumes, the treat-withholding, and the dreaded cone of shame-one dog escapes to fulfill his true Lone Wolf destiny. But then he sees his owner-um, ex-owner-with a new dog and feels unexpectedly jealous. All he wanted was a little space to poop in peace, not for his ex-owner to forget him entirely! Is it too late to go back, or is he stuck in the doghouse forever?

Find out in this hilarious picture book by the author/illustrator team that brought you Poe and Lars!


By Kashelle Gourley, Skylar Hogan (Illustrated by)
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