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How to Save a Unicorn (A Giada the Healer Novel, 2)

By Meg Cannistra

To save a unicorn's life, Giada the Healer will have to risk it all.

Giada Bellantuono has traveled all the way from Italy to New York City to follow her dreams: begin her official training as a magical veterinarian! It wasn't easy going against generations of family tradition, not to mention saving said family from wicked witches.

But when Giada hears rumors of a lost baby unicorn roaming the tri-state area, she has reason to suspect that the Streghe del Malocchio are back and behind the disappearance. She's fought them once before, and she can do it again! With the help of some unlikely friends, Giada will have to venture beneath the city into Olde Yorque and put everything on the line to save the creatures that she loves.

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