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Heal Your Way Forward: The Co-Conspirator's Guide to an Antiracist Future


Heal Your Way Forward: The Co-Conspirator's Guide to an Antiracist Future is the trumpet call to white and white-identifying folks, guiding them to recognize their antiracism work as intergenerational healing. In her first major book, myisha asks the most critical question of antiracism work: what do we want the world to look like in seven generations?

This book is her answer, but also, it's a tactical, practical guide for learning (and unlearning), heal­ing (and feeling through the hurt), and committing (and recommitting) to real change and a reparative future.

This is the book myisha's 750,000 followers have been waiting for—a marriage of personal story, antiracist handbook, and an emotional plea to all people to be the change today so we can heal the world for tomorrow.

In this important work, myisha offers readers the ultimate reason to engage in activism—to create a better world not just for our babies, but for our babies' babies—and a clear strategy to change the future and nature of interracial activism by:

  • Sustaining the great white awakening by discovering the sweet spot of shame and vulnerability
  • Making room for white tears
  • Developing radical listening and lifelong learning
  • Practicing the great act of recommitment
  • And building a reparative future

As myisha shares, the more you fail forward, the more you heal your way forward, and the better we can heal the future together.


By Myisha T Hill

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