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DK Children

Extraordinary Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life Visual Encyclopedia (DK Children's Visual Encyclopedias)


Discover more than 100 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in this exciting children’s dinosaur encyclopedia! 

Extraordinary Dinosaurs Visual Encyclopedia is the perfect book for young readers who want to get up close and personal with their favourite prehistoric creatures! Children will be excited to see the fastest, largest, and fiercest creatures, browse their habitats, learn about their claws and spikes, and find out how their fossils help scientists piece together hidden clues about their lives.

This must-have dinosaur book for children aged 7–11 features fascinating information on all the major types of dinosaur as well as ancient fish, other prehistoric reptiles in the air or water, and early mammals. Kids will be drawn in and mesmerized by hundreds of exciting images and surprising information on many different dinosaur profiles.

Inside the pages of this thrilling dinosaur book for kids, you’ll find:

- More than 100 profiles on dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures
- Fact-filled ‘top trump’ style profiles on remarkable dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures
- Chapters that span time before the dinosaurs, the age of the dinosaurs, and life after many dinosaurs died out
- Clear, engaging text packed with latest facts alongside stunning CGI visuals and artworks

This is the ultimate fact-filled dinosaur reference book for kids who love to have all the latest, weirdest, most in-depth info on the creatures of the prehistoric world at their fingertips.

Dinosaur reconstructions and the latest fossil finds bring back to life the bone-crunching teeth of the Tyrannosaurus rex, the astonishingly large body of the Argentinosaurus, and the plane-sized wings of the soaring Hatzegopteryx. Each page reveals new facts from the latest paleontological research, including each animal’s size, group, habitat, time period, diet, and fossil discovery.

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