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Don't Squeal Unless It's a Big Deal: A Tale of Tattletales


iParenting Media Award Winner!

In this highly entertaining story for young children, kids will learn when "squealing" on your fellow classmate is appropriate and when it is merely tattling!

There were nineteen students in Mrs. McNeal's class. And nineteen tattletales. Set in a school classroom, the "kids" in the class--really, feisty piglets--constantly tattle on each other, creating an air of frustration and distrust. As the story unfolds, the teacher, rather than strictly policing the situation, addresses underlying feelings and encourages mutual problem solving.

Although most kids' problems are kid-sized ones that they can work out themselves, tattling is a fact of life for young children. Their ability to solve problems on their own is just developing, and they often feel they can't manage a situation without help from an adult. As every teacher and parent knows, kids also tattle on their classmates and siblings because they want to look like the "good child," or be appreciated as helpful, or even just get some attention. And of course, kids sometimes tattle as a means of getting back at another child, especially a bigger brother or sister.

With warmth and humor, this story for young grade-schoolers offers easy guidelines so that kids know when to talk to each other, and when to call in the grown-ups. A Note to Teachers and Parents is also included.


By Jeanie Franz Ransom

Illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic

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