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A crossroads is a series of intersecting paths, each with the potential to take a traveler to a new destination. Whether the destination is known or unknown, the journey becomes one that tests the wit, will, and working knowledge of the traveler along the way. This collection, Crossroads, is Dre Hill's journey of discovery, identity, and sense of self. Dre is formed and remade. Lost and then found. A wayward soul in search of both the past and the future. Much like this collection, Dre's journey is both linear and non, simultaneously unfolding sequentially and at the same time, much like the ways in which we experience and compartmentalize things in real time. The work is reflective, speaking to the progression of his journey up until now, navigating his confusion, losses, doubts, anxieties, and more. The hope is that it similarly speaks to your inner journeyman, or woman, and that you will meet Dre where the roads cross.


By Dre Hill

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