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Busy Little Hands: Science Play! : Learning Activities for Preschoolers


Preschoolers are introduced to core science concepts with this playful format featuring 20 hands-on activities that use everyday household materials, including a vinegar volcano, a hula hoop count, and a kitchen sink or swim experiment.
  In this fourth book in the Busy Little Hands series, preschoolers get ready for a science adventure! Preschoolers wonder and explore with 20 hands-on experiments using everyday household objects and making daily activities such as snack time and play time into learning opportunities. Each play activity demonstrates a simple principle of physics, earth science, chemistry, or biology, including the Kitchen Sink or Float (demonstrating density), the Vinegar Volcano (pressure) and Blooming Colors (chromatography). Featuring bright, easy-to-follow photos specially designed for pre-readers, this book is packed with learning fun, plus it sets the groundwork for science success in kindergarten and beyond.


By Susan Edwards Richmond
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