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Bad Kitty (Special edition)


It's Bad Kitty's 10th anniversary and we're celebrating with a snazzy new jacket and a hilarious, colorful commemorative poster!

Celebrating 10 chaotic, mischevous and catastrophic years with everyone's favorite grumpy feline, Bad Kitty!

When kitty was told that her favorite foods were all gone and that all that was available were...

Asparagus . . .
Beets . . .
Cauliflower . . .
Dill . . .
. . . and 22 other unappealing vegetables, she became a very bad kitty indeed.

This brilliantly structured, hilarious first-ever Bad Kitty book will take you through the alphabet an astounding three times and leave no doubt as to how this cantankorous, moody cat has sold over 8 million books across all her titles.


By Nick Bruel, Nick Bruel (Illustrated by)
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