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Back on Track : A Practical Guide to Help Kids of All Ages Thrive


Practical steps based on brain science and development to help kids thrive – post-pandemic and beyond.

Attention, mood, emotions, behaviors, organization, communication, social interactions, learning, and confidence all have one thing in common—the brain. Your child’s brain determines how they take in, process, and react to the world around them, influencing everything, from their thoughts and feelings to actions and interactions.
Brain development is an active process that has no true end point, as the brain continues to evolve and improve throughout life. Yet all too often parents and educators take a passive a passive role in this process, wishing, hoping, and praying for growth and change.

Back on Track is the book for every parent who has worried about their child and wants to create change. It provides an action plan for parents to help their child thrive at school, at home, and at play—from a professional who develops and implements brain-based wellness programs for kids, adults, and athletes and is a mom herself.

This comprehensive, accessible guide will show you how to add purposeful activities to your daily life to positively impact development—from birth through the teenage years.


By Rebecca Jackson
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