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Anger Management Workbook for Teens: Exercises and Tools to Overcome Your Anger and Manage Your Emotions


Help teens learn to manage their anger with exercises that won’t feel like homework.

With all the pressures that come from being a teen, it’s natural for them to feel angry sometimes. But not knowing how to manage that anger can add extra stress and anxiety to life. Drawing on more than a decade of experience, licensed marriage and family therapist Holly Forman-Patel seeks to help teens better understand what anger is, where it comes from, and—most importantly—how they can make positive shifts to better control it. This compassionate and understanding workbook allows them to proceed at their own pace, assembling an anger management toolbox that enables them to make real changes to the way they approach their feelings.

This guide to anger management for kids features:

  • Proven methods—The lessons in this book are rooted in mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and more.
  • Engaging exercises—Inventive quizzes, creative prompts, and journaling opportunities encourage teens to enjoy using and learning from the book.
  • Practical guidance—Teens will find tips for tackling everyday situations, like talking to parents or handling disagreements with friends.


Help teens find healthier approaches to their anger with The Anger Management Workbook for Teens.


By Holly Forman-Patel

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