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A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping or Peeing But Using the Bathroom as an Escape

By Joe Pera

From popular Adult Swim comedian Joe Pera, a funny and calming illustrated guide for people who are so stressed out that they're hiding in the bathroom

Cloth covered and art stamped.

When you've fled to the bathroom in a panic, this book will be there, like a lifeline to a voice Vulture called "the most relaxing TV show host in recent memory."

Comedian Joe Pera is the creator and star of Joe Pera Talks With You, a show that Stephen Colbert called “one of the funniest and most beautiful things I've seen in a long time.” Illustrator Joe Bennett is a director and animator whose disarming style adds depth to Pera’s gentle wit. Together they’ve created a guide to re-gaining calm and confidence while you're hiding in the bathroom.

Earnest, warm, and sincere, this book covers everything you need to know about how to relax, no matter what sent you running. Maybe you're hiding from your kids or working up the confidence to say “no” to a car salesman. Regardless, Joe Pera will be there to guide you back to tranquility. He'll walk you through breathing exercises and visualizations, he'll invite you to draw yourself a bath—the people in line can wait—and encourage you to say affirming things to yourself in the mirror. He's with you every step of the way from arrival in a panic through the rebuilding of confidence so you can return to the world beyond the bathroom door.

An earnest guide to calming down for fans of Hyperbole and a Half and Sad Animal Facts, this humorous handbook will be a beacon to anxious readers looking to feel calm, confident, and less alone.


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