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Overcoming Parental Anxiety: Rewire Your Brain to Worry Less and Enjoy Parenting More


Be the calm and collected parent you aspire to be with this powerful, neuroscience-based guide.

Do you worry about your child all the time? Maybe they are behind on certain milestones, struggling in school, having difficulty making friends, or heading off to college and away from home for the first time. Their problems or struggles become your own, and you end up feeling so anxious that you forget what it's like to just enjoy being their parent. The good news is that you can rewire your "parent brain" to respond differently to these challenges. This book will show you how to replace parental anxiety with parental effectiveness.

In Overcoming Parental Anxiety, three anxiety specialists team up to help you change your anxious brain using the core principles of neuroscience and exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness. You'll learn how to overcome worry by identifying your parental values, paying attention to the moment, and cultivating self-compassion. Most importantly, you'll find targeted exercises to help minimize parenting related worry and anxiety, so you can live more fully and enjoy the shared experiences you have with your children.

Thanks to the brain's lifelong ability to create new neural connections, you can achieve that coveted and elusive sense of calm that seems to come so easily to some parents. And by practicing the simple neuroscience-based skills in this book, you can overcome your parental anxiety, stress less, and be more present with your kids. Why not get started now?


By Kissen, Debra (Author) , Ioffe, Micah (Author) , Romain, Hannah (Author) , Cassiday, Karen Lynn (Foreword by)

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