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You Aren't Depression's Victim

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You Aren't Depression's Victim, a departure from Debra Atlas's usual journalistic writing, is designed to be uplifting and empowering. It offers readers thought-provoking ideas and possibilities.


Have you ever wondered if you had a choice when faced with depression? We often think we must automatically fall into the depression pit, that there's no other option. But what if you could see and recognize depression before it hit? What if we didn't have to fall down into that dark pit but could see it coming and do something to step back from it?


This intimate look into Ms. Atlas's lifelong journey with depression:


* reveals how to identify where the edge of depression actually is,


* provides tools to help you recognize depression before it hits,


* shines a light on simple actions that can help us step back from the edge.


Living an odd man out, roller coaster-like life, Atlas kept her depression hidden from family and friends - until she attempted suicide at age 14. From her emotional recovery to life at college, grad school and on to the Big Apple, Atlas strove to find meaning and balance while lacking the words or skills for her search. Living with a deep sense of inadequacy, her I'm not good enough constantly put a lid on her ability to be a star in her life.


A chance meeting with a therapist became a lifeline when Atlas faced an overwhelming emotional crisis. The therapy that followed opened the door to life-changing insights and to desperately needed tools that helped her gain clarity, confidence and equilibrium. This book is the culmination of that work. Through her hard work and the lessons learned from it, Atlas discovered that we have a choice, that we don't have to be a victim of depression, and this unlocked a bright path to living a balanced and fulfilled life.


By Debra Atlas