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Vegetarian Cookbook for Teens: 100 Fun Recipes to Cook Like a Pro


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A teen cookbook with 100 easy and delicious vegetarian recipes to help them learn how to cook and enjoy a healthy diet.

Be good to your body, animals, and the planet―vegetarian cooking for teens

Whatever your reason for exploring vegetarian cooking―your love of animals, reducing your carbon footprint, or the variety of health benefits―the Vegetarian Cookbook for Teens will show you that meatless cooking goes way beyond a life of sprouts and salads. In fact, vegetarian cooking can be fun, easy, flavorful, and lead to a lifetime of wellness.

This cookbook for teens is filled with delicious recipes like Sweet Walnut Apple Salad and Avocado Chickpea Pasta Bowl that will help you gain confidence in the kitchen, regardless of experience, with step-by-step guidance. From how to create a savory breakfast burrito in five minutes flat, to how to simmer up a hearty vegetarian chili with your own creative twist, these delicious creations may even encourage your parents, siblings, and friends to move to more of a vegetarian lifestyle.

Inside the Vegetarian Cookbook for Teens you’ll find:

  • New chefs welcome―Do you know the difference between boiling and simmering or what tools you’ll need?―You will now.
  • Naturally tasty―Discover 100 recipes that are made up of wholesome and natural ingredients yet never sacrifice taste.
  • Earth-healthy―This cookbook for teens includes interesting facts about vegetarian nutrition, including how a plant-based diet helps the environment.

Take control of what’s going into your growing body with the Vegetarian Cookbook for Teens.


By Sarah Baker