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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


When Ichabod Crane, an awkward and superstitious schoolteacher, moves to the town of Sleepy Hollow for work, he at first earns attention only from the housewives, who are amused by his large appetite and tall, lanky body. But once Ichabod decides to try for the attention of Katrina Van Tressel, the town's most eligible bachelorette and only child of a wealthy farmer, he finds himself in competition with the most popular man in town. Abraham Van Brunt, better known as Brom Bones, is a rowdy local hero who already had intentions to marry Katrina. Usually able to settle disputes with a physical display of brute force, Bones is stumped when he is unable to goad Ichabod into a fight. Since Ichabod is mostly clueless to social cues and customs, Bones resorts to a series of pranks in order to deliver retribution. When the final chance to win Katrina's hand in marriage arrives at a local party, Ichabod must overcome the pranks and trials to defeat Bones and win Katrina's love.

Originally published in a collection of Irving Washington's short stories, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a gothic tale that caters to a need for adventure, spookiness, and humor. Since it's publication two hundred years ago, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has inspired many film, television, and literary adaptations. With memorable characters and a vivid setting, Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has remained a classic and popular contribution to American literature.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving is now presented in an easy-to-read and modern font with a unique cover design, making it more appealing than ever to explore Ichabod Crane's adventures and the mysteries of Sleepy Hollow.


By Washington Irving, Mint Editions (Contributions by)
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