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The Hellbound Heart : A Novel


The Hellbound Heart is Clive Barker’s horror masterwork, upon which the cult classic film Hellraiser was based

From his scores of short stories, bestselling novels, and major motion pictures, no one comes close to the vivid imagination and unique terrors provided by Clive Barker.

The story, ostensibly about one man’s experimentation with the occult in order to satisfy his jaded appetite for sexual pleasure, revolves around a tragic love tangle. Frank’s pursuit of pleasure has trapped him in an extradimensional hell, and his brother’s wife provides him the opportunity for escape. The Hellbound Heart is one of Barker’s best—a nerve-shattering novella about the human heart and all the great terrors and ecstasies within its endless domain. It is about greed and love, lovelessness and despair, desire and death, life and captivity, bells and blood. It is one of the most dead-frightening stories you are likely to ever read.


By Clive Barker
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