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Purrmaids #14: Contest Cat-tastrophe


Chapter book readers' favorite kitten mermaids learn all about voting during a contest in this 14th book in the series that will have readers paw-sitively hooked from page one!

There's a contest happening at Kittentail Cove Library! Only one lucky purrmaid will have their poster displayed in the brand new reading room, and Angel is excited to help count the votes! All the art is amazing...but Angel really wants her friend Coral to win. When she finds some ballots that weren’t counted, Angel isn’t sure what to do. Is the contest ruined? Or is there a surprise in store?

Don’t miss any of the purrmaids’ adventures, including The Scaredy CatSearch for the MermicornParty Animals, and more!


By Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Vivien Wu (Illustrated by)
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