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The universe is home to many creatures brave and clever, weak and greedy, assassin and hero. Sometimes it's not so easy to tell them apart...

Colonel Reef Kane was a Pathic, a remnant of a race long forgotten. Time had allowed him to slip away unnoticed, hidden behind the anonymity of a legend that had become nothing more than a mystical tale exaggerated with every word over time.

It is the Pathics' ability to penetrate another's mind-space-and skill with a pike-that has kept them alive through the centuries and across the galaxies.

When Colonel Reef Kane and Captain Jacob Ash discover a young thief called Why Ginn, they are challenged with bringing him before the one known as the Ghost, before continuing their quest to track down stolen Baca with greater value than they could imagine.

In a world of intriguing characters driven by mixed motivations and mixed loyalties, where telepathy and weapons are passed from parents to children, it is the secret of Webo Azhi, creator of the living crystals and master of the Dragon Lords, that connects all of time.

A classic science fiction space adventure for dedicated fans of Star Wars movies and readers of Daniel Arneson and Jeffery H. Haskell, Larry Jordan's debut novel Pathic offers fast-paced action, a unique cast of characters, and cinematic settings.


By Jordan, Larry (Author)

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